Running, otherwise known as turtle time

I ran today. Slow, slow, slow. But I did it! I love running. Or at least after I do it. I love feeling as though I am doing something for myself. Of course it is in the category of self help but its an action item. It isn’t passive. I’m doing something. Now, if I could do “something” four times a week and at 4:00 am, we are talking! Oh how I hate to get up early but I have to be to work by 7 am so it’s 4:00 am or nothing.

I am part of the Slow Runners Group on FB. Best group EVER! No judgment, just encouragement. I love being cheered on for a 14 minute mile. Truly the BEST group to be a part of. ┬áMaybe saying I am a part of the group is going a bit too far as I haven’t posted anything about myself or my runs but I do comment on other member posts. I love encouraging others who are slow like me. Goal for this week is to post one of my runs on the page. Woo Hoo, I am really doing all these things I have sat back and waited for the perfect time to do them. Today is the perfect time to do them.



Good bye Self Help

So I have read self help books my entire life. Well, probably since I was in middle school. It’s so crazy because I have always felt like I needed a little improvement. Just a little here and there at my best times and a major overhaul at my worst times. My seventeen year old daughter once called me the Queen of Self Help. She was right. But what has it done for me? I still need to lose 25+ lbs., run a marathon, get my Master’s Degree, and find the one job that will make me feel like I am contributing in a positive way and still make bank.

I am giving up on self help. This is my journey to just be and pretend I have lost those lbs. and I am living the life of my dreams. I truly am blessed and I am going to start living like I am blessed!

Being 50 is awesome. Now if I run a 5k instead of a marathon, it’s good enough. Who cares if I wear a size 14? I am 50! I still look good. To hell with it. In my mind, I am just like the image from a magazine! It might be AARP but so what!